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Football app for Club Atlético Independiente, we bring a new instrument of union between the sports institution and its fans, giving them the opportunity to participate in all the updated information of matches, players, new signings, rankings, trivia and more.


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UX/ UI Design

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We adapted a very flexible palette and mainly modified subtones of the original. Thus, we were able to maintain the essence of the brand and provide greater coherence and homogeneity. As for the fonts, the line of work was similar, in this case we kept the character of the serif fonts that our client was looking for and we found the best option for him within this category.


It was important to maintain consistency between this new application and the website that Club Atlético Independiente already had. Thus, we took the most relevant visual elements and adapt them to our new parameters. The second challenge arose during the decision-making process about how information should be displayed to the user. Through sessions of Design Thinking, we achieved fragmentation of the content and its conversion to a digestible and friendly content

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