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Project summary

We understood from the beginning that Coin Custody should have a different approach than a traditional e-commerce. Its users needed more than a store, our products are above all our services had to be different. We have thought, designed and developed for a crypto user, creating a complete store, informative and dynamic, but above all, fluid and attractive.



Brand Strategy

UI Design

UX Design

Visual Identity


UX/ UI Design

Front end development

Brand Process

We carried out the project in close collaboration with our client through multiple workshops and work sessions. These sessions played a crucial role in defining the requirements and objectives of the product. As Coin Custody was a rebranding of a previously successful brand, we aimed to propose a superior approach. During this process, we developed all the components of the brand, including the logo, color palettes, fonts, and iconographies, that would give this e-commerce its own unique personality

Full Stack Development Process

We take full care of back and front-end development. If we had to mention the leading differential proposal during this process, it should certainly be noted that, being an ecommerce of crypto products, it was clear that the checkout should include the possibility of payment with crypto currencies. Thus, we developed a fully customized checkout, which includes integrations with multiple means of payment and shipping possibilities, always keeping in mind the needs of our customer profile.

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